"Your translation team"
solves multiple challenges in one stop.

<Example 1>

Localization of overseas SNS (Media)

――Overseas Media, Japan Business Manager


√ Do you have any of the following troubles?

  • Localization strategy and implementation system of overseas CGM media
  • Acquisition of and relationship with stakeholders
  • Translation process design and quality control

√ Leave them to "Your Translation Team".

  • Arrangement of business requirements, project design, user acquisition
  • Translation, articles, briefing sessions for writers, web training organization
  • Worker Recruit-Screening, Compensation Management
  • Establishment of quality check system and resident marketing support

<Example 2>

Overseas Cutting-Edge Information

――Advertisement Consultant, Business Manager


Do you have any of the following troubles?

  • Staffing of personnel familiar with overseas IT / Tech industry
  • Timely analysis and domestic publication of the latest information 
  • In-depth analysis as needed, translation of relevant documents

√ Leave them to "Your Translation Team".

  • Arrangement of hearing support scope and report form for business requirements
  • Flash English report upon receiving voice transfer from North America
  • Event overview, individual session reporting
  • Business support for daily reports of overseas Tech industry

<Example 3>

Overseas Apparel Business in Japan

――Foreign Retailer, Japan Business Manager


Do you have any of the following troubles?

  • Efficient advertisement strategy of the popular brand in NY
  • Japanese-English translation of many complicated documents
  • Balancing between the cost and benefit

√ Leave them to "Your Translation Team".

  • Organization of Japanese-English, English-Japanese translation team
  • Establishment of cooperation system to NY and Japan, including each task completion and Web operation
  •  Establishment quality check system and lawyer's legal check