Solution to the following four problems


Unstable Quality


No Order Timing


Higher Price for Standing Order


Recruitment Difficulty


Solution to "Unstable Quality"


・The translator 's quality is low despite experiences.

・Quality control is left to the translator in charge.

Your translation team can undertake translation check, draft up translation guidelines, operate translation memory for quality improvement on organizational and continuous basis. We can resolve "quality control by translators" and "quality fluctuation due to change in charge".


Solution to "No Order Timing"


・ Although we have translators to request, it will be difficult if the projects overlap.

・ Translation occurs irregularly. Correspondence such as estimate is complicated.


"Your Translation Team" can start translation work and submit scrips from the dedicated chat and mailing platform. Understanding the customer's condition, we help you start with translation work and quickly complete the task. 


Solution to "Higher Price for Standing Order"

・Other companies offer no discount unless it is a large project.

We offer 30% discount on standing order. You can start standing order from the lower price. This service is highly evaluated by clients who have experienced "cheap service, low quality".


Solution to "Translator's Recruitment"


・It is difficult to recruit...Even if we choose someone,  the translator cannot operate for one man month.

・Dispatched translator does not match due to the operation increase in a short term.


"Your Translation Team" realizes zero cost for recruitment personnel selection. Due to the difficulty to find personnel rich in overseas experience, we help you outsource translation work and concentrate on main task in your company.

"Your Translation Team" plans and proposes the measures you want.